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Cenicafe´s Journal Vol 62 No. 2 of 2011

<p>Portada revista cenicafé</p>

In order to better understand farmers’ perceptions about the adoption of the Rainforest Alliance certification (RA) in 2009, 72 semi-structured interviews were administered to certified coffee growers with RA stamp in Cundinamarca and Santander. The survey and the interaction with the farmers addressed social and environmental aspects as well as the producers’ perception of the certification. It also included some basic elements of the contingent valuation method of environmental goods and services, with the purpose of understanding the farmers’ willingness to pay to maintain or retain the certification. The results indicate that the farmers were already meeting several requirements set by the Sustainable Agriculture Standard (NAS) of the RA before being certified. Such requirements are, for instance, good payment terms and fair treatment of workers in the farms, engagement in soil conservation, and updated accounting and farm work records. Farmers consider that avoiding certification and environmental penalties, reducing water pollution and achieving protection of habitats and ecosystems are advantages. Regarding the willingness to pay to preserve certification, 44.2 % of the farmers expressed their agreement with values between $1,333 and $263,158 per hectare per year. The general perception of the certified farmers regarding the benefits of certification is positive from the social and environmental issues, but they expressed dissatisfaction with the economic results derived from such certification.

Author(s):CENICAFÉ Year:2012